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Minify Images

Compress images for web

When you want to share your images through any media or more important.. when you want to upload your images on your own website, you need to compress images. Minifying or compressing images leads to decrease website load time and has a great impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

There are many tools to do that. I prefer to use Photoshop but if you do not have this software you can use online tools like TinyPNG. Photoshop is more powerful also TinyPNG website has a 5 MB file upload limitation. Naturally with Photoshop you do not have any limitation. Let’s follow these simple steps to compress a 2.6MB file to 175KB files.

Photoshop Save For Web

Open your image with Photoshop (you can drag and drop your image inside Photoshop window). After that as you see in the photo below, click Save For Web option.

Photoshop save for web

A new window will be opened to adjust your desired settings. In this window you should change the settings as it is in this photo:

Photoshop save for web settings

After applying these changes save your image. That’s it 😉

Definitely you can play with settings, change quality (you can decrease it to zero) or not remove metadata from image, but have eye over file size 😀


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