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You can find two kinds of content in Hessam blog. The first are stories, and second are some small notes. I think we can understand the technologies better with stories. Check out my stories.

Hope Hessam Notes be helpful for you 😉

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Hessam CMS Package

Check out my newly created cms package for Laravel. Easily add blog and cms functionality to your Laravel website. Enjoy it. Instead of using wordpress and struggling to integrate it into your Laravel app, just add a light-weight package. You can add any functionality as you want without affecting and refactoring your existing application.

Some useful small notes..

  • Which is better, php or laravel?

    Have you ever heard this question? If yes, so there is a misunderstanding. Simply, PHP is a language and Laravel is a PHP web framework you use for simplifying the hardwork.

    If you want to choose between php pure or a php framework, read this article.

  • Simple Chat Using pure PHP and Websocket

    If you are familiar with TCP socket connections, you know that for every HTTP request a TCP connection is established and will be closed for a single HTTP request (also for any RESTful endpoints and requests). With Websocket technology a socket is created and all of the data is transferred through a connection. This type of communication is suitable for chat applications.

    A chat application with a nice UI is created, and I’ve shared it through GitHub. It’s accessible at: this link

  • Dentalmedics
    dental clinit


    We know that’s important health-care specially in Corona time. I offer this clinic because they good observe health issues.

    They are one of the people who do not settle for anything; who always value the effort to obtain the best solutions and who appreciate that every detail is taken care of with dedication and dedication.

    Your Dentist in Monterrey

    For your appointment you must go to their clinic with mask and without companions. Their website.

    1.- COVID Free Personnel: All personnel go through a process disinfection before entering the clinic

    2.- Maximum protection: You will find all the clinic staff equipped with EPIS, biological suits, surgical masks, face shield and sterile, packaged gloves,

    3.- Clean Air: we use air purifiers.

    4.- Permanent cleaning: and strict disinfection protocols and steam sanitization and thermonebulization

    5.- Staggered visits: We space the visits and organize the waiting room so that social distancing is respected

    Visit their website:

  • Next Version of HTTP

    The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has revealed that the third official version of HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) will not use TCP anymore. Instead, it will run over the QUIC protocol first developed by Google back in 2012. Read more.

  • How Netflix Reinvented HR

    Very good article about how Netflix manages HR: Article

    It’s one of the most important documents ever to come out of Silicon Valley. It’s been viewed more than 5 million times on the web

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